Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stupidity!! My Struggle With PCOS

So last night we had a friend in town. We all went out. I haven't drank in a very very long time. Like 8 months, I never drink! I have always been on thyroid medicine that did not interact well with alcohol. Now, they changed my medicine, so I can technically drink again. 

I was not planning on drinking. Why would I? I never drink! But, before we went out, I told Nathan that no matter what, I had to remember to take my Clomid. (I have to take it at night because I get so incredibly dizzy, I can't stand up. It makes me whole body cramp up and I just have to lay in bed in pain until it wears off and I can go to sleep. It also makes me throw up a time or two a night! So, I take it right before bed and deal with the symptoms as they come). Nathan said he would remind me, he wouldn't forget! 

Well, I had 3 drinks and 2 shots and I felt like I had been drinking for dayssssss. I guess I know the meaning of being a light weight now! 

I remember (vaguely) getting home and Nathan yelling at me to take my CLO-MAD because it makes me MAADDDD! Haha. When I woke up this morning I panicked and thought it was all a dream. Who really runs through their house screaming TAKE YOUR CLOMAAAADDD! Well, my husband apparently! I counted my pills and I did infact remember to take my CloMID last night! 

How stupid would I have been to forget to take it because I drank for the first time in 8 months! Duh! 

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