Thursday, April 3, 2014

Patience. What is that? My struggle with PCOS

So, yesterday I admitted my biggest flaw. Today, my second biggest. I have no patience. Like none, whatsoever. 

I cook everything on high, like who has time to wait for food to 'simmer'? I always cook everything in the microwave for 2 minutes but pull it out at 45 seconds and eat it cold because I can't wait any longer. I eat food right out of the oven and burn my mouth, rather than wait and let it cool. I refuse to watch TV shows that aren't recorded, I need to be able to fast forwar. I have more moving violations than I care to admit, clearly getting pulled over will get me from point a to point b faster than just going the speed limit!

If I can't open something, I usually throw it down/across the room (real mature), I only let phones ring 3 times before I hang up. I read the last chapter of every book before I start it, I can't wait until the end to find out what happens.  I run out of gas monthly (sometimes weekly) because I can not stand to sit and pump gas. Like really? What a waste of time! 

Yes my friends, that is called lack of patience (or crazy, that definition fits too) I know what you are all thinking (hell, I'm thinking the same thing). If this girl has no patience, how is she ever going to be a parent? Good question! I seem to have patience when it comes to small children. I just always have. Now, when they get a little older...let's just say Nathan will have to take over in that category! 

I'm sure you are also thinking to yourself, after reading yesterday's blog and today's, why did that Nathan guy ever marry this crazy lady?? I also ask myself that same question daily! Funny thing to point out, NO ONE has ever said to Nathan 'you really got lucky marrying that one!'. Really, no one! But, people tell me ALL the time how blessed/lucky I am to have married Nathan! Yeah, I get it. He defientely got the short end of the stick! The man loves me though! I don't ask questions! (That's a lie. I ask him every day why he loves me. It fills my bucket).

Anyways, along with losing control I have learned that you must have patience with this journey. Like sitting and watching an ovulation test for 3 minutes every day isn't hell on earth in itself, I also have to wait for the exact day of my cycle to start my medicine, 7 days after that get tested,  7 days after that get tested again. Like can't we speed this process up any?!? Daylights a wasting, girl! (My Gramps use to tell me that every day when I was wake up around noon).

But sadly, there is no way to speed up the process. That's why it's called a process. I just have to remember that I am sitting side by side through this roller coaster of life with my best friend. We will scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the 'loop de loops', and enjoy every twist and turn, for this is our life, and we only get one! 

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