Monday, April 14, 2014

April Fools (on the 14th) My Struggle with PCOS

So, I was supposed to start my cycle on Thursday (it weirds me out to call it that. Let's call a spade a spade. It's my period. I was supposed to start my period). I was actually excited. We had taken a pregnancy test last Saturday at the hospital, and it was negative, so I didn't think there was a chance I could be pregnant. I knew once I started this month, we could up the dose of clomid to the 100mg and this would be the month, I just knew it! I have pinned all the beach pregnancy announcements that I could find. What better way to spend a vacation then announcing you are FINALLY pregnant? Yes, I had my perfect plan all figured out! Some day I guess I will learn to quit planning crap! 

Welp, Thursday came and went, no sign of my dear friend. Friday, Satuday and Sunday came and went. Not even a symptom at all. I started to think back to our "schedule" (I'll blog about that another day) and thought maybe we could be pregnant. (Even though I knew I didn't ovulate last month. Your mind can really run wild if you let it!)

So, tonight Nathan ran out and bought a pregnancy test and we had one at home too. (Always have to take 2, duh!). I was pretty excited to take it. I didn't want to get myself excited because I didn't want to feel the let down, but a part of me was still excited. (How can you not get excited) 

We set the timer (well, Nathan did! He really takes this 3 minute thing seriously!), sat and waited. One test would be a plus sign and the other would be two pink lines. I knew right away it was not pregnant, but Nathan insisted we wait the 3 minutes! And, just as I suspected,  Not Pregnant. Both tests. (Whomp, whomp). 

So now, I am 4 days late and no period in sight. Not even a single symptom. (I never thought I would complain about not having cramps). 

I texted my Dr (yeah, were that close) and she said if I don't get it by Thursday, I can come in on Friday and she will give me a shot of prostegrone to kick start it. 

Stay tuned...

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