Friday, November 7, 2014

You just never know... My Struggle With PCOS

There is something unique about having an invisible illness. No one knows unless you tell them. 

We all get up every morning, place a smile on our face and go out into the world and act as if our lives aren't crumbling apart inside of us. 

The even more unique thing, they are also the people who would never ask why you don't have kids yet, or when you're going to start trying. And you realize it in a second. 

You see I had the fortunate chance to meet someone else fighting the same battle I am fighting. Someone who feels all the same things I feel. Someone who just gets it. And boy was it ever nice. 

We talked, we laughed, we got mad, we got sad. The best thing...we did it together. 

You just never know what another person is going through. Be kind to everyone around you!