Sunday, April 6, 2014

A little bump in the road. My Struggle With PCOS

Friday I just didn't feel good. You know, when you're whole body just seems off. A lot of my associates had called out and were going home sick so I thought I was just catching something. I felt really light headed and dizzy. By the time I got home, I had a splitting headache. I tried to lay down to make the headache go away. 

A little while later, my husband came home and gave me some ibuprofen and told me to go back to sleep. I had started to get a pain in my left shoulder blade. He had tried rubbing it out, but even a touch to it made it hurt more. 

Around 1 I woke up sick to my stomach. I threw up and my headache was back so I laid back down. I didn't think I fell back asleep, but I woke up around 2 with the most excursitating pain I've ever felt. Nathan was downstairs (either sleeping or watching Dexter. He's obsessed). He didn't hear for me when I called for him, so I fell (literally) out of bed and crawled to the steps. He finally heard me yelling for him and came upstairs. I guess he had been asleep! 

I got sick a couple more times and finally convinced Nathan I was not being dramatic, I literally thought I was dying. (This was hard to do at 2:30 in the morning). I wanted to go to Waterloo since that's where my Dr was. Nathan agreed, but wasn't happy since we only live a block from Satori. (Again, it was 2:30 in the morning). 

We got to the hospital and instead of dropping me off at the front door, he parked the Edge. By the time we walked into the hospital, I literally thought I was taking my last breath! We got all checked in and I barely sat down when they called us back. We walked forever (it felt like two miles) to get to a room. I could barely get in the bed I was in so much pain. 

They asked all the questions and got everything situated. They kept asking me if there was a chance I was pregnant and I kept saying no. They didn't seem to understand. Well, at this point I was in so much pain, I didn't care what I said. I simply told them that we had problems with infertility and since I hadnt ovulated this month, there was no chance I was pregnant. The dr looked like he felt bad, but I didn't care. 

He then told me that I looked pretty uncomfortable and asked me if I wanted something for the pain. They gave me a shot of morphine and something that made me not so sick to my stomach. I must have fallen asleep but I woke up in terrible pain again realizing that only 45 minutes had passed. I called for the nurse and they brought me another shot of something else. 

This went on for a few hours. I did a cat scan, blood work, and pretty much laid there in pain. I was supposed to work at 7:30, and has it got closer and closer to that time I was staring to panic. My phone was dead and Nathan's was at home. Nathan went home to grab his cell phone as they shot me up with some more morphine. I fell asleep for a while. 

The dr said that it looked as though I had some cysts that ruptured. He said it feels like you are being stabbed and can have pain in your shoulder blades as the fluid is being released. It all made sense. He thought maybe 4 ruptured, which would make me feel like I had been stabbed 4 times. 

He wanted me to stay home from work and I remember in my drugged up stages I told Nathan to tell my bosses I would be in by noon. He wrote me a script for pain meds and had the nurse give me another pill for my sick stomach. When she came back in the room, I pulled my pants down for her. She told me I just had to swallow this pill. Nathan says I told her 'I just like pulling my pants down for you I guess' Jeesh! Before I left they gave me another shot of morphine to hold me over until I could get the pain meds. By this time it was like 8:30. We had been at this for a little over 6 hours. 

Nathan brought me home and I barely remember getting to bed before I passed out. Needless to say, I didn't go to work at 12. My husband by this point was exhausted. (I was correct in that he had been watching Dexter, so he had been awake for like a whole day at this point). He did feel bad about his lack of empathy towards me. I guess that's what happens when you live life with a dramatic wife! You never know when something is really wrong or if they are just 'dying' because they got a paper cut. 

Anyways, this is really long, but to make it short. They think the clomid might have made the cysts rupture. I have to schedule a follow up appt with my dr to check everything out there. 

My husband handled my business for me  and even with his lack of empathy, I am very very thankful for him. 

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