Monday, April 21, 2014

Life choices My Struggle with PCOS

My Mom found out today that the main artery coming from her heart to her leg is blocked. Next Thursday she is having a stint put in. I will be flying to Montana Wednesday night and coming back Sunday morning. 

I'm supposed to ovulate Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Just our luck! 

When I called my husband to tell him about my Mom he told me to do whatever I needed to do. That of course meant buying an overly expensive plane ticket on short notice and choosing to take two days unpaid at work to continue to save my PTO for potential Baby Jones. 

When I told him about the ovulation, he thought I was going to ask him if I could take his 'little men' with me. That he said he was not okay with. After I laughed for about 10 minutes, I said that was NOT what I was going to ask him. 

What my question was; do we take the clomid this round and hope we don't ovulate while I am gone? Or do we skip this round? We both think there is knowledge in knowing if the 100mg makes me ovulate, so we will be moving forward with this round of clomid. 

We just pray that I don't ovulate until at least Sunday! Fingers crossed!! 

FYI: It was never a question if I would go or not. I have one Mom! One parent left in this world. We can try for a baby many many months to come, but I can never replace these moments with my Mom! 

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