Monday, March 30, 2015

An Update-Our Odds My Struggle With PCOS

I haven't written in a long while. Truthfully, I just don't know what to say anymore. I don't want to be that annoying girl that just always complains about not being pregnant. I don't want to be pitied, or to have people feel bad for me. I have an amazing job, and amazing husband, wonderful friends and a fantastic family. My's pretty great. But there is news. 

Here is an update on our infertility journey:

We will never (I don't trust that word) be able to get pregnant naturally. It's just not in the cards for us. I don't produce an egg, nor do I ovulate. 

We will probably never (I hate that word) have a viable pregnancy. My uterus walls are already very thick and hard. They are continuing to harden monthly. The likelyhood of the egg latching to the wall  is slim to none. Actually, there is a 70% chance it will never happen. The Dr told me the time to get pregnant for me would have been 21-24 years old. Every year after that has decreased my chances significantly. 

My cycle is not regular (duh, I've known that forever). We made the leap to go and see an IVF doctor. This is like big time right. $16,000 for a 30% chance. No big deal. We want to be parents right? We'll do anything. (For the people who have told us we shouldn't do it, I would like for you to put a price on your child. I'm sure you would pay wayyy more for the precious gift you take for granted). Well, another update. I have to go on birth control to try and regulate my cycle. We have been tracking it for the last 2 months, and it hasn't been normal either month. Without a regular cycle, the DR's don't know when to start the medicine to do the egg retrieval. So, we will see what the Birth Control gets me. 

There is our update. It's sad. It's harsh. It hurts. It's why I haven't wanted to say anything. I feel like I'm grieving a life I always thought I would have. I make room in my heart every month for a child that never comes. I do this all between answering e-mails, cleaning bathroom trailers, changing schedules for people, etc, etc, etc. It's part of my every day life. It never leaves me. But then, there are the times where I get to spend a weekend with my husband and just 'be us'. We laugh, we joke, we cry at times. We forget words like 'never' exist. We make jokes about how doing life 'right' really jinxed us. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..... Not a baby!! (Not intended to offend anyone, just being honest). We dream about all the things $16,000 could buy us. (My husband actually vomits at the thought of that). But at the end of all of it, we love. We love each other. We love our journey, we love the self discovery. We live, we laugh, and we love. Life keeps moving forward. We have to as well! 

I'm going to take a note out of my friend Tiffiny's book and ask that you please don't pity us. Just pray for us. Pray that the 30% chance is enough. Pray that the word 'never' really doesn't exist. Pray that at the end of all of this, we still have each other, because anything less is not a life I would want to live.