Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Why.... My Struggle With PCOS

As I watched them wheel my Mom away for surgery, it made me realize the why behind all of this. 

I want to be a Mom like my Mom. 

We absolutely had our struggles just like most families do, but when it all is said and done my Mom is an amazing Mother.  

My childhood was so very magicial and it had nothing to do with money. My Mom just made it that way by all the adventures that she would take us on. 

We would make pumpkin cookies at Halloween and get to decorate whatever faces we wanted. This translated into my Mom sending me pumpkins and different facial features when I went to college so I could make my own pumpkins. She transformed the house into a winter wonderland for Christmas every year. She would pack picnics so amazing that no ones could compare. She allowed our house to be the hang out for all of our friends for years and years. She let us cut up confetti to throw all over the house at midnight on New Years Eve and then send us to bed and she would clean it all up. This also translated into sending me cards upon cards in college with cut up confetti inside. She would have us dress up the night of the oscars and make predictions of who would win. She laid in bed with us and read book after book until we fell asleep. 

She allowed us to be ourselves. She let me collect rocks no matter how nerdy it was. She let me sit inside even on the most beautiful days to read book after book. She gifted me with a flash light, when though she knew it meant that I would stay awake reading well past my bedtime. She made extra keys all the time so I was never truly locked out of my house or my car. She always had a gas can to being me has when I ran out. My most treasured possession is a card she sent me about a month into college telling me all the people who 'missed me.' This included the Newton PD for their loss revenue in speeding tickets, the light compnay because her bill was so much cheaper, Rick and Dick at the auto place because my car wasn't breaking down anymore. It went on and on and it made me realize that through all of my faults, my Mom loves me unconditionally. 

She is my best friend. There is no one that will push me harder or further then my Mom. She will always be most honest with me but in a way that makes me want to be better. She listens, she gives advice, and she stays out of it when she needs to. 

Everything that I am today is because of my Mother. And I pray every single day that when I am blessed with children, I am as wonderful as a mother as she has always been. 

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  1. Hi there. Have come over from Lost and Found to say hello. Like you, I have PCOS, insulin resistance and low thyroid. I have few other things too - clotting issues and high blood pressure mainly. All these things were diagnosed while I was being checked out for recurrent miscarriage and subfertility - you can read all this over at my blog if you want to check it out. We ended up being successful with donor eggs (I was 34 when we started ttc and 42 when I had my son) but I know friends with similar diagnoses to yours and mine who were successful with things like metformin and clomid. Anyhow, just wanted to offer a bit of support from the other side.