Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's gonna be May... My Struggle with PCOS

Well, I thought it was gonna be May. But no such luck! My little friend came to visit this morning so no Baby Jones for us this month. 

If I am completely honest with myself, I didn't think it would be May. I didn't see any of the signs of ovulation and because I couldn't test it kind of threw everything off. 

I called into my Dr because I am really confused. She says if you have consistent periods then you are ovulating. But I get no readings whatsoever so there has to be something different going on. 

She said she is going to look into my blood tests and see if there are other possible things. She says we do need to get my husband in to get him tested! Gotta check out the strength of his little swimmers! Just good to rule out and/or pin point everything. 

I am pretty devastated. I don't know why, but right now I just am. I took an early lunch to come home and wallow in my own self pity for an hour. That's all I'm going to give myself. Then I'll put my big girl panties back on and deal with it! (My Gramps would be so proud).

I called Nathan, crying of course, he said 'Well, we'll try again next month'! Yup! That's exactly what we'll do! 

For other blogger friends: 

I used to have a 35 day cycle. Like clock work. The clomid pushed me back to a 28 day cycle. Did anyone else experience this?? 

Well, my hour is almost up! I need to finish my shrimp cocktail (yupp, I maybe spoiled myself a little too! Hey, I deserve it. I'm trying to make a baby here!) and get back to work! 


  1. On Clomid I have a "shorter" cycle than "normal" with me and PCOS. I generally ovulate on CD 16-have a 12 day LP so I end up with a 28 day cycle instead of my normal 40+

    Good luck this cycle!!!

  2. I get shorter cycles with Clomid too, but then they normally 'bounce back' the following month. Glad to hear you're getting more tests done, it's always better to know in my opinion what the problem might be than live with the unknown. Good luck!!x