Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life with a dog

Lets start with the facts.

1. We got a dog
2. Nathan has never had a dog before
3. I have had many dogs
4. I am not a morning person
5. I love sleep
6. I have no patience

Adding all of the above together, you get this next story.

Nathan and I have been searching for a dog for quite a while. When we saw Jack at the Animal Rescue League in Newton we instantly knew that he was the perfect dog for us. I knew all of the hard work that went into taking care of a dog and training a dog. Nathan never had a dog, but always wanted one. I think he was ready to have a partner, a friend, and someone to play with him on the weeks, as I sleep in.

Nathan and I both work at The CBE Group. I work 7-3:30 and Nathan works 8-5. I get to work at 6:59am and Nathan gets to work at about 6:30am. Which fits our personalities to a T. I love to sleep, I am not a morning person and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed in the morning, let alone get out of bed, take the dog for a walk, and then get ready to go to work. Most days I brush my teeth in the work bathroom during my first break. Let's be serious. I wake up at 6:38. So, I don't take care of the dog in the morning. 

Moving on to the lunch hour. I get a 30 minute lunch and Nathan gets an hour lunch. So, for obvious reason, Nathan comes home at lunch to take care of the dog. 

I get off work at 3:30, so I come home and take care of the dog. Nathan gets home after work and workout at about 6:30pm, then he takes the dog on a walk. Nathan then takes the dog outside before bed as well.

As you can tell, Nathan takes care of the dog more then I do.  Weekends it is actually funny because Nathan gets up at like 5:30am still and takes Jack on this long walk, thinking that he will then stay up and play with him all morning! DUH! What does any smart person/dog do? Comes back to bed with Mamma! :)  

It really makes me think about when we have a child. Will Nathan be the one to take care of our children? Well, for obvious reason, I think it will be yes! Just kidding! Tomorrow morning, I am going to get up early and I am going to take Jack for a walk, so my beloved fiance can stay in bed a little longer! 

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