Thursday, October 20, 2011

Car Rides

Tomorrow night Nathan and I embark on another trip together. Oh joy! Haha! We truly love each other, but we travel completely different each other. First, I drive fast. Nathan drives slow. I drive, Nathan gets annoyed, Nathan drives, I get annoyed. I listen to country music, Nathan listens to rap. We try to go half and half, but the other person sighs heavy the entire time. We try and talk, Nathan gets annoyed that I talk and don't listen. Nathan packs the necessities, I pack everything except the kitchen sink.  Nathan likes to stop to use the restroom,  I like to keep on truckin. 

So, tomorrow we will make the usual trip to Newton. Stay for one night and then head down to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin for their annual fall festival. This will be a total of about four hours in the car together. I can't wait!!!!! 

Oh, eternity is going to be a FUN ride!  In all seriousness, I once asked my Grandpa how he put up with my Grandma for all the years that he did, because quite frankly you could have never met two more opposite people. He told me that it's not the differences that matter, its how you work compromise and work through those differences. Nathan is truly one of the first people in my life I have been willing to compromise for. And that is why I know that eternity WILL be a fun ride! I couldn't imagine being on this ride with anybody else! 

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