Saturday, October 30, 2010

Farrell's Extreme BodyShaping 5-Week Evaluation

Well, 5 weeks is done and over with. I am ok with my results. I guess by looking at myself I was expecting to lose more weight, but inches is just fine for me! Being sick has really been hard on me as well, as it hurts alot to do anything with my stomach, which in Farrell's is pretty much everything.  I really wanted to work on my mile time, but I had to walk the mile due to my stomach problems. Hopefully by the 10 week mark we have this stomach thing figured out and I can really do everything!

Here are my results after 5-weeks

Body Part Measurements
Chest 37 inches (+.5)
Waist 36 inches (-3.5)
Thighs 24.5 inches (-1.0)
Hips 43.5 inches (-1.5)
Arms 11.0 inches (-.5)

Body weight 166.2 lbs (-1.8)
Body Fat      25.4% (-8.4)

Four Minute Step Test 
heart beats per minute
resting  74
active  138

Push ups  30 (+23)
Sit ups  24 (+5)
Sit and reach 22.0 inches (+2.5)
Mile Run  14:08 minutes

So my inches and my body fat is good. I really improved on my body fat which is good as well. I thought I would be able to do more sit ups, but once again, that comes from the stomach. I am really proud of how many push ups I did. Overall I am proud of myself as I know I am working really hard, sticking to a strict diet and enjoying this lifestyle change!!

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