Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dreams becoming Reality

We all have dreams, realistic and far out. How far do you go to make these dreams come true? Some would say you do anything you can to make your dreams come true and some would say that you do what is in your means.

Here are some of my dreams:

Get Married
Have Children
Drive a BMW X3
Work in Labor and Delivery
Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
See the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockafella Center
Travel to all 50 states
Coach my children in sports when they are younger
Move out of Iowa
Volunteer my time at a inner city shelter

Those are just a list of some of the dreams that I have. Some are materialistic and some are emotional and personal accomplishments.  These are things that I want in my life, things that I am willing to sacrifice and strive for. That doesn't mean that these are things that people in my life want for me, or with me. That is where you have to decided if these are just dreams or if they can become your reality. Are the sacrifices you are asking of yourself and the people in your life really worth these things?  I used to think that other people could answer this question for me, but I have come to the resolution that only I can decide that. Only I can decide what I want to keep dreaming about, or what I want to make my reality.  I choose my own destiny and its the decisions I make that change my dreams into reality.

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