Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wishing Life Away

I posted this on facebook the other day, but it really is something that really bothers me.  I can't stand when people are constantly like, I cant wait until the weekend, or I hope this week goes by so fast.  When did we as a society change from living for today to living for the future. Each day is a new day, it is a chance to start fresh. It is not a guarantee and it is not something that we earner. It is a gift. I could go to bed tonight and not ever wake up tomorrow. Do I want to think like that? No, but what I am trying to get at is, don't wish for that time to go away. Live each day to the fullest and truly enjoy life. Yes there are going to be some days that just suck, but we cant really change that. That is life, and we have to deal with it.

This has really come to me with everything that is going on with my Grandma.  I could say, oh I hope this week hurries up so I can get to the weekend, but then I am forgetting all of those days that I am so lucky to still have her here.  I called her today and talked to her for a while on the phone and it just made me realize that no matter how bad of a day I have, there is always something during that day that can make you happy you lived for it. 

She didn't know that things were as bad as they were, and no one besides me ever tells her. Yeah, yeah I have a big mouth. But I was telling her some of the things that she was saying, such as how good of a life she had, had. And how she would see us all in heaven. She told me that she couldn't believe that she would say those things because she just has so much still to do.  She talked about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my cousin having her baby.  She said that she can be so anxious for those upcoming events, but without doing what she is supposed to each day right now, she will never get to those events. 

That just meant so much to me, because this is a woman who is so used to living in a house with all of her family around her all of the time, and she is now cooped up in a nursing home all by herself. She is living each day to get better and enjoying still being here to get to talk to her family and spend the time she does with them.  I know that my Grandma lives for those big family events, but I also know that she lives each day to get the different phone calls she does from all of us saying "Hey Nannie" or "Hey Mom".  

All of the little things in life add up to the big things.

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