Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ruining surprises!!!!

Ok, so never before in my life have I been good at keeping surprises. I just have a big mouth and I like to tell everything that I know. If you are part of my life, you just have come to realize this, or you dont tell me anything. Either works for me!

Welllll, the hard part about this is now having a boyfriend and getting him things. His birthday isnt even until July and he already knows what he is getting. Also, I told him this weekend what I was getting him for Valentine's day and he gave me my present!!

I keep saying that I want to be completely surprised when I get proposed to...but lets be real, we all know that I want to know every little detail!

I hope I cant talk him into telling me when it comes time! I'm pretty persuasive...I mean I am a debt collector!!

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