Sunday, February 13, 2011

Being Proactive

So the company that I work for, The CBE Group, paid for our entire company to go through a program by Franklin Covey called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There are 7 Habits that seem like common sense, but they aren't easy. The first one is "Being Proactive".  Lately I have struggled with this a lot because what exactly is being proactive. In each situation it can mean a different thing. We just had a Covey Booster last week that I went through about Being Proactive, and the instructor said that people who sit back and do nothing can be just as ineffective as people who always jump up to do something. I would say that I am a reactive person, and it some sense I am a proactive-reactive person in my own mind, but when the situation is all said and done, I was really just a reactive person and didn't make the situation any better at all.

There is a part that they tell you to give yourself a "wedgie" before you react so that you can sit and think before you say something that you will later regret. I have started to do this a lot with my sister and my mom. I often times just end the call to give myself to give me a wedgie so I dont say anything that we all know I WILL regret later. The bad part about this, is that I am not being proactive about the situation and I am just giving myself more time to come up with something even more mean to come back the next time I talk to them. Yes, this is terrible and its not helping anything at all.

So, I really took to heart what I've learned and been told thus far, and I have realized that this "proactive-reactive" attitudue that I think I have is really just a reactive attitude and I need to realize what I need to do to become a more proactive person.

So...if you know me and my quick goes nothing!!

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