Friday, February 18, 2011


You know, my whole driving life I have never been good at it. I have tried to say that I just speed bu that doesn't mean that I am a bad driver. Well, I am finally coming to the conclusion and finally admitting to myself that I am a terrible driver.  I chalk it up to every thing else in my life that I'm not good at, I just don't have time! HAHA

But seriously, I constantly see accidents everywhere because people do not pay attention and that is just my case. I dont pay attention at all. I am usually messing around with my phone, or digging through my purse or staring at people. Its such a bad habit and even though I am so conscience of it, I don't do anything about it.

Well. from now on I am going to start making a conscience effort to pay more attention because I understand that a car is a dangerous piece of equipment and I need to be more responsible.

So for all my haters my whole life....I am finally admitting that I am a BAD driver!! Terrible to be exact!

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