Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things that bother me lately

Sorry in advance if this offends anyone.

Lately, for some reason, a lot of things that never used to bother me have REALLY started to annoy me. To the point where I just need to get it out.  Here are a few of those things, hopefully I feel better when its done.

First--People who share a facebook page with their spouse. This doesn't bother me as much if only one person uses it, but when people flip back and forth between users and you can't really tell who it is. My opinion, not that you asked for it, is that if you are BOTH going to use facebook, then please, have your own facebook.

Second--People who thank God for EVERYTHING. As most people know, I am not a believer. So to me, it is quite annoying, but I get that some people need to believe to get through their day and that is fine. But really, you don't need to thank god for letting you take a shit that day. Quite frankly, it is science that allowed you to take a shit.  Or the thing that annoys me the most is "I'm not going to worry about money, because god will provide." No. The way you will get money is by getting off your ass and getting a job. This is the same mindset of people who are getting government assistance. "Why work when the government will provide". I am sorry but if one more person on the phone tells me they will pay their bill when God provides it to them. IT IS DUE NOW.  Sorry, but when you sign up for a service you know there will be a bill due, if you don't have the money, then why would you sign up?? 

Third--WRONG NUMBERS. If you know me, then you know that I have a phone job. So here is a little advice for people. If your number is getting called and it is a wrong number, simply say "wrong number" when the person asks you for a better number, because trust me, they will. Say "I don't know that person"  If you say "they aren't available" the person will call back. When I ask you for a better number and you say "wrong number" again. You aren't answering my question. I get that it is a wrong number, I am trying to find a better number to contact them.

Fourth--BITCHES.  Seriously, I have met more bitches in the last few months then I have ever met in my life. And if you knew me back in high school, you know how big of a bitch I was. But these people take the cake. It is ridiclious that decisions that I make in my life are like front page news these days.  Its annoying that rumors get started about such exciting news as being engaged, when its not true at all. I fell like when I finally do get to announce that I'm engaged it wont be as special, because everyone already thought I was.

FIFTH--IGNORANT PEOPLE. Lately I have also bet a lot of ignorant people. It should be no surprise that a lot of these people are people from number 4 as well. But anyways, here is my thing. Choosing not to educate yourself in todays world is the stupidest decision that you can make. There are so many things going on in the world and decisions that are being made that will directly affect not only our own future but our children's direct future. I think that as a person you need to be so aware of these things to make decisions about your family and your own future choices. I just could not imagine not being educated and choosing to be ignorant yet these people openly admit that they are ignorant and they love it...quite stupid if you ask me.

Anyways, that is enough for today. I feel a little better!!

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