Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Missing?

So people who read this can judge me all they want, call me crazy, laugh at me...etc and truthfully I hope that they do! :)

You know when you are in a relationship and there is just something missing but you don't know what that is. Well I finally figured out what has been missing in all of my relationships until now. That is commitment.  I love commitment in any form and it is like I need it on a daily basis to get through. Not just long term commitment, but what are we going to do tonight? what are we going to eat tomorrow? I need commitment in all aspects. It is no surprise to most people that know me that I don't do well with change. I like for , and things to work like clock work and for that to happen you need commitment.

Well, that is exactly what I have in this all aspects.  People may think we are moving to fast, they may think that we are being stupid, or jumping into things, but only we know how we feel and truly that is all that matters right?

We talk about the future like it is happening tomorrow and I love it. We have already decided to move in together in June and are currently looking for a house or duplex.  We talk about our wedding all the time. It is actually kind of disgusting how much we do! (not really. I LOVE it).  But its not only the long term commitment I love about him, its all the little things that he does throughout the day to show his commitment and to really show he understands how much I need things planned.

For instance just today, I have been talking about wanting to go see my Grandma for quite sometime now and today, MONDAY, he says "So, were going to go down and see your Grandma this weekend right?"  I just LOVE it. We already have our weekend planned and we are committed to it.

I don't know if this really makes sense to a lot of people, but for someone who grew up with not a lot of stability, having someone in my life who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my life is fulled with stability and commitment, it means the world to me....and I truly cant wait to spend the rest of my life being committed to each other and our day to day life.

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