Monday, January 17, 2011


Everyone has a different view on trust and I think that is what makes relationships fail and survive. Me personally, I think that trust is something that evolves and matures as the relationship does.  When you are in a relationship with someone there is really no way that you can fully trust them right away. As you have experiences and grow together so does your trust for each other.

For me, trust isnt much of an issue. I have always trusted people until they show me otherwise. That may be a fault of mine, and I think it has hurt me in different circumstances, but it's just my beliefs. If someone doenst trust me, I dont mind. I understand that I must ear their trust and that if I care about the relationship enough, then I will fight for that trust.

I understand that people have had things happen in their life that changes their trust issue. It breaks my heart when I hear some of the things that people have done to others. I just could never live with myself if I broke someone's heart.

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