Friday, July 4, 2014

Something Special My Struggle with PCOS

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my husband is a private man. He keeps his emotions and his feelings close to his chest. He has a very limited group of friends and even more limited in who he communicates with on a regular basis. He is a very friendly guy and always joking and making people laugh, he's just quiet when it comes to his own time. 

As you have gathered, I am the opposite. To some extent. I am not private at all. I wear my emotions and my feelings on my sleeve for all the world to see. But I too have a very limited group of friends and am even more limited in who I communicate with on a regular basis. I like to be the center of attention when I'm in a crowd of people, but when I have my alone time, I like to be alone. 

I think it's one of the main reasons we work. We just co-exists. And I mean that in a really great way. Nathan likes to play video games and watch Netflix. I like to read books and sleep. We each do our own thing, checking in on each other occasionally, but really just enjoying quiet time to ourselves. Not a lot of people can do that. It's really an amazing thing. 

We were taking last night about wants vs needs in a house and how having seperate space is such an important thing to us. My husband, the man of very few words, said to me "not to sound cliche, but you do realize what we have is really special don't you?". It took me a couple of seconds to respond, but I just simply nodded my head and told him I knew.

I can across this quote on Pinterest and it explains exactly what we mean. His soul is my soul and he is more myself than I am. And there is nothing more beautiful in life! <3

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  1. I totally get what you mean when you say "co-exist" this how my hubby and I are too! We're always together, but we're often doing out "own thing" and it's great! Had to laugh because your Nathan sounds like my hubby--Netflix and Video Games :)