Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So it begins... My Struggle With PCOS

A little background. Before I went on fertility medicine, my cycle was 35 days. Exactly 35 days. Down to the minute. 

When I went on clomid it took my cycles down to 28 days. Which would mean I should have started my period yesterday. Didn't come. Didn't come today either. 

So, I of course did what anyone would do and took a pregnancy test. Not pregnant (of course!). It says that it tests 6 days before missed period. But, I didn't take clomid this month. So, when is my missed period. 28 days or 35 days??

I feel like I have two options. I could take a test every day to feel like I know, or I could just wait until I either start or day 35 comes. Logically, because pregnancy tests cost an arm and a leg, I should just wait. But, when has Amanda (McQuin) Jones ever been logical?? Yes, I had to bring my maiden name in because I have NEVER in my 27 years of life been logical. 

Nathan bought a 2 pack tonight. Maybe I'll test every other day. (Yeah right!) check back tomorrow, there should be another update!! 👍👍

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