Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 'lucky' My Struggle With PCOS

I am having a hard time letting the comment I received on Friday go. For someone to tell me that I am just not as lucky as them. What gives?? First off, how very hurtful is that??? And second off, I didn't think pregnancy had anything to do with luck. 

I am a non-confortational person. Big time. I have a HUGE bark and NO bite at all! None! So, I just simply walked away. Because I didn't know how to respond. 

If I was quick witted here is what I would say! 

I may not ever be lucky enough to have a child. I may never be lucky enough to carry my own child. I may never be lucky enough to have someone call me Mom. But guess what?? I am damn lucky! You wanna know why?? 

I have a husband who thinks the sun rises and sets on ME! He loves me, even at times that I am not being loveable. He adores me, he spoils me, he protects me, he respects me. He is my soul mate. That alone makes me the luckiest girl in the world. But that's not all! 

I have an amazing family that supports me no matter what. I was raised by an amazing, fearless women who has taught me to always chase after my goals and dreams no matter how big or small they are. She taught me to love others, through all their differences. I had an amazing set of Grandparents who were like second parents to me. They are the reason I am the person I am today. The reason I can write this blog about how damn lucky I am. Because they taught me that the richest people in the world are the people who have a family that loves them. So not only am I lucky, I am rich! I have a sister, who I am not close to, but know that no matter what happens in either of our lives we would drop everything to be there for each other. We may not get a long, but that type of love, that runs deep. I have cousins and Aunts and Uncles who all mean the world to me. My family is everything. But that's not all! 

I married into this amazing family where I got a sister I have always wanted and a brother I have always wanted. I got these 2 cool nephews who think I'm pretty cool too. There is nothing better in my opinion then being Aunt Amanda. Nothing! My husband has the coolest Uncle and Aunts ever. I have experienced so many amazing things with them. And I have a mother and father in law that love and adore their son so very much. They have instilled morals and values into him and made him the man that he is today. I love them so much for that. But that's not all! 

I have this amazing, small group of friends that have become my family. They each mean the world to me. Their families and their lives have become my family and my life. They make me question the saying that blood is thicker then water because they mean that much to me. But that is not all! 

I have this job at this company that I love. When I say I love it, that's an understatement. I met my husband there. I met my best friends there. This place is like another family to me. People there have changed my life. Truly 100% changed my life. Because of them I am not only a better employee, but a better person. That speaks volumes for the type of company they are. But that's not all! 

You see, I could go on and on with all the reasons why I am lucky. My lucky night not look like your lucky, but it doesn't change the fact that luck for runs deep. I wake up every morning lucky to be alive, lucky to be married to an mazing husband, have amazing friends and family and get to go to a job each and every day that I truly love doing. Yeah...that's my lucky! 

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