Monday, November 8, 2010

Having Friends

WOW!! In about a two week time period I have learned how great it is to have friends! This is quite depressing because, well...the truth is, I never really had any. I have two great girlfriends that I get to spend so much time with at work and feel like I can tell them everything. And then I have a great friend from my old job that has brought me into her group of friends and it is so much fun.

I feel like I made my whole life about one person and didn't know what it was like to have friends. I always thought how great of friends he had and what it would be like to have friends like that. Well, it's great. Girl friends can make all the difference in life.

I mean of course I want to get to that point again in my life where I have a best friend/soul mate. The person that you wake up to every morning and the person you fall asleep to every night. The person you call 10 times a day to say "oh i forgot to tell you this" even though you probably already told them or they dont care, but they love you enough to listen, and laugh even when it isn't that funny. Of course I miss that, and long for that again, but what I have right now is pretty gosh darn fun.

I may have very well met the girls that will be standing beside me on my wedding day, and its a great feeling. And I don't mind if its us sitting on break laughing at work, or falling down walking home drunk. These girls are fun, and they get me, and they know what I mean when I try and describe things. What a great feeling to have people like that in your life, and multiple of them!

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