Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saving Money

Saving money is a constant struggle for me. I am a spender. I love love love to spend money! Like, if I could get a job to just spend money, I would be amazing at it!! Anyways, Nathan and I have made a very concious effort to save practically EVERY penny that doesn't have a NEED to be spent. This is killing me and it is absolutely NOT the life for me! I mean, COME ON! I dont work hard 45 hours a week to never spend any money.

Well anyways, we had a lot of birthdays in our family in the month of March and April, so I got to buy a bunch of birthday cards and birthday presents for everyone this past week. Man on man did it feel good to spend money!

As soon as this wedding is paid for, a down payment on a house is made, new cars are bought, new furniture is paid for....WAIT WAIT WAIT....who am I kidding??  I'm an adult now, I will NEVER be able to spend money like its my job again!! It will always be something that we are saving for!!  Oh well, such is life! I guess its just time for me to start poppin out those babies so I have something to spend money on. Just kidding! :)

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