Saturday, April 14, 2012

Keeping up with Nathan

The name of this blog should have always been "Keeping up with Nathan" instead of "Keeping up with the Joneses" I have come to find out!! HOLY MOLY! It has only been 4 days that Nathan has been gone and this house is a disaster. I mean, I always knew that it was me making the messes and Nathan cleaning them up, but when no one is cleaning them up, I learned just how big of messes I really make.  The sink is overflowing with dishes(mind you we have a dishwasher, I am just too lazy to put the dishes in there), the trash is overflowing(I also didn't put the trash by the curb when I was supposed to), the yard needs mowed(hey, its supposed to rain, give me some slack), the laundry is overflowing(I'll do it on Sunday), and the living room looks like a tornado went through it(well, one sort of did. Its name is Amanda).  I finally unloaded the groceries from the trunk of the car(that I bought on Wednesday).

This house is more then a full time job and I am so thankful for everything that Nathan did around the house all the time that I was clearly unaware of. Or just took it all for granted.  Jack and I are having...welll...let's just  I tell you what! That dog (now that he is eating) wants food twice a day, wants his water filled up CONSTANTLY, he only goes outside for a few moments to do his duty and then he barks until you let him back in. Now that Nathan is gone, he takes up MORE than half the bed.

Ok, anways...time for me to buck up and start doing my part around this house. Especially now that there is no one else here to do it!!

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