Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

Since my fiancée insists on bringing politics to Facebook, I will state my opinion.

I am not an Obama supporter, I am anti-Romney. A few months ago I was whole heartily going to vote for Romney. But, I am sorry. At the end of the day the things that mean most to me are social issues. Irresponsible? Probably.

At this moment in my life I am more finically stable then I ever have been, and I also pay more taxes than I ever have. I am okay with that. I believe that the more money you make, the more taxes you pay, no exceptions, no loop holes, no tax write offs. Simple as that.

I believe that women should be on the same playing field as men, in all aspects. I bust my ass day in and day out at my job and if I found out I was making less than my male equal, I would be infuriated.

I think that all people should be treated equal. Gay, straight, Mexican, African American, Caucasian, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, rich, poor. Everyone deserves a chance in this world to be happy. No one has the right to judge one another. Live your life so when you go to bed at night you are happy with yourself. You don't live the other persons life, so don't worry about them. Do what makes you happy.

A women's body is her body. Women should have the right to choose what goes on with their own body. And rape is rape. This should never be questioned, man or woman.

There are people out there who desperately need help. Thy fight everyday to get back on their feet but there is always someone there to push them back down. Not everyone is out to screw the system. I grew up on welfare and food stamps. Here I am today, a productive member of society. Give people the help they need to better themselves, not enable themselves to stay in the same situation. There needs to be monitoring the system, not reforming it.

There is a health care problem in America. Going to the Dr should not be a luxury for the rich. It should be something accessible to all people. I do not think this falls all on the Governments shoulders. I think there is a definite problem with the sue happy America that we have created that has jacked up the price of medical care. I also think the cost of health care has gone so high it is impossible for companies to hire more full time workers who would earn benefits or even for small businesses to provide health care. I don't know what the fix is, I just know it needs to be fixed and needs to be talked about.

I 100% agree with employers covering contraceptives. One thing I have never understood about Republicans. You don't want people to use contraceptives OR have abortions, but you also don't want to take care of their babies when they're born into this awful world without a single person who can/will take care of them?? Doesn't make any sense to me.

To go along with the make above. Planned Parenthood is a place that provides education, precautionary measures and much much more to women and men who can not get t anywhere else. I worked for a company for over 7 years who refused to make me full time. I had no benefits an could not afford private health insurance. I went to Planned Parethood for my yearly check up and found out I ha?3. 99.9% chance of getting cervix cancer. The doctor held me as a cried and vowed to give me the treatment necessary to hold it off as long as possible so I could someday have children. Without Planned Parenthood I could have never afforded to go to a Dr. At that point it would have probably been too late.

I am voting for Barack Obama not because I believe in everything he says or does. I don't even necessarily like all of the things he says or does. I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe in the good of society. I believe there are people out there who are just down on their luck an deserve a 2nd chance. I believe that everyone has the rights to enjoy the same basic freedoms we all do. I believe people can be different, believe different things, live a different lifestyle, yet all be Americans. And I believe that the wealthy have been wealthy and powerful for far too long. It's the hard working Middle Class' turn to be on top.

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