Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crazy Life

Wow. It has been a while and there has been a lot going on since then. Nathan and I both have gotten promotions at work. Nathan is now a Manager and I am a Supervisor. We are both busy getting into these new roles and learning everything that we need to know to be the best we can be.

We are in full swing with wedding EVERYTHING! The Knot sent me an e-mail about a week ago, telling me 9 months until my wedding and I sort of had a freak out! I feel as thought I have a lot of stuff done, but are you ever really done with things?

We had a couple of fiasco's with flowers and stuff, but we are hopefully getting everything worked out. Things have been coming in under budget, which is great because I didn't really give much room in our budget for things to be over budget.

It was great having my Mom home to be able to show her my vision of the wedding, so all the things that she is working on out in Montana, I know that she gets it. Not that I didnt trust her before, but now I feel like we are 100% on the same page.  She is working on our card box right now, which I am super excited for! She is shipping it here in pieces and then will assemble it when she gets here! I cant WAIT to see it all together!  She is so dang creative. I wish I would have gotten her creativity from her.  She is also making Nathan and I stockings. I grew up with hand-made stockings that to me just always felt like "mine". My cousins all feel the same way too. You had your stockings at home, but your stocking at Nannie and Grandpa's was yours. Well, my Mom made them all, so she is now making Nathan, me, Ashley, Nick and Katie all our own stockings to have at our own homes. Then as we have children, she will make them ones as well.

A lot of my friends have experienced tough times lately and it makes my heart hurt just thinking about it.  I just wish that I could take their pain away from them and help them more then I can right now. It makes me extremely grateful for Nathan, our health and happiness and it makes me realize that in a moment all of that can be taken away from us.

Well, there is a look into our lives right now. Promise to be back sooner rather then later.

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